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Presentation of Calmurofel in Barcelona

15 May 2015
Companion Animal Health

More than 70 veterinarians attended a conference by Dr. Xavier Roura, veterinarian at the internal medicine service of the UAB Hospital’s Veterinary Clinic

Calmurofel is one of the leading options in the market for the treatment of feline cystitis

This past 11 May, Bioiberica Veterinaria presented Calmurofel to more than 70 veterinarians at the Hotel AC Forum in Barcelona. Dr. Xavier Roura, a veterinarian in internal medicine at the UAB Hospital’s Veternary Clinic, presented the conference on FLUTD, or Feline Lower Urinary Tract Disease

FLUTD is the most frequent cause of urinary tract disease in cats. Combined with other symptoms associated with cystitis-suffering cats, the pain and/or difficulty to urinate due to FLUTD often results in a state of stress and/or obesity in these animals.

The conference by Dr. Roura was followed by a questions and answers session with the veterinarians. At the end of the conference, Jordi Flores, Bioiberica Veterinary’s product manager, presented Calmurofel to attending veterinarians. Calmurofel is a product for the multimode management of feline idiopathic cystitis which was developed by our Veterinary division. It is one of the leading solutions available in the market for feline cystitis. Calmurofel’s components, apart from repairing bladder damage, help regulate excess weight and stress in cats suffering from cystitis, thus guaranteeing an all-encompassing action against the disease.

In addition, this conference was the first in Spain to be recorded in 4K format, which will enable users to have a top quality viewing experience. We will soon announce how we will release this content.

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