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Southern European Veterinary Conference 2011, more international than ever

7 Nov 2011
Companion Animal Health

This fifth edition of the Southern European Veterinary Conference (SEVC)‐‐the cooperative venture between the Spanish veterinary association, AVEPA, and the North American Veterinary Conference, NAVC—successfully fulfilled expectations. The SEVC, attracted a total attendance of more than 3.000 veterinarians registered in the scientific program.

international registration totaled 1.012, representing 51 different countries,
with the majority of attendees
coming from UK, Portugal, France, Benelux and the Nordic Countries. Also
participants from far away
countries such as India, Bahrain, Australia, Canada and Hong Kong were present
at this year’s SEVC. A significant
number of representatives from Russia joined this year the event, boasting 60

international representation distinguishes SEVC as the largest international
small animal veterinary conference
in the world in terms of percentage of international delegates. 

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