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Very large attendance at the World’s largest olive oil Fair

21 Jun 2011
Companion Animal Health

BIOIBERICA’s Plant Physiology Division attended the XV International Fair of Olive Oil and related industries (Expoliva 2011) held in Jaén, May 11-14, 2011

Expoliva was brought to a close the past May 14 with a very large attendance. The fair, that has hosted more than 1,000 professionals coming from five continents and 30 countries from all over the world, attracted the attention of more than 80 communication media. The president of Ferias Jaén Mr. Luis Carlos García, remarked this year’s excellent attendance of more than 48,000 visitors.

The organizing committee of the world’s largest olive oil fair explained the trending topics of the present edition of Expoliva: the links between health care and olive oil, environmental aspects of olive cultivation, olive oil marketing, good practices, and olive oil and fine gastronomy.

In regard to the technical-scientific symposium, the Delegado de Agricultura, Mr. Roque Lara, declared that there were presented more than 253 papers, with more than 2,500 persons in attendance. They debated the most interesting and hot topics for the olive sector such as the Olive Cultivation Law or the reformation of the CAP [Common Agricultural Policy].

Bioiberica’s Plant Physiology Division had two stands a the fair to present their product range for modern olive cultivation as well as the latest technical advances to fight stress factors affecting olive groves. For one more year, it was a meeting point between specialists, cultivators, and sales representatives.

Out of the several approaches suggested in the congress, we should remark the commitment to reduce the number of distributors selling olive oil. Another of the points to be highlighted is the sector’s intention to turn olive oil into an international product. To do so, they plan to work on new markets to achieve leading positions in them in order to satisfy its future demand in order thus making profitable its growing production. Finally, they must maintain our quality standards, as well as keep investing in technology, research, and health care.

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