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Bioiberica Plant Health participates in the Aventro Sarl-Eridon International Conference with distributors from Eastern Europe

28 Feb 2019
Plant Health
  • The objective is to raise awareness of the company's business model and its solutions to combat plant stress
  • The event brings together more than 100 people in Kiev, Ukraine

Bioiberica Plant Health participates today in the "International Conference Aventro Sarl-Eridon", an event that takes place in Kiev (Ukraine) and that has the attendance of more than 100 participants from Ukraine, Belarus, Romania and Lithuania.

Luis Solera, Bioiberica CEO, has presented the company and its business model, with special emphasis on the natural origin of its products and the high specialization in developing specific sustainable solutions to combat plant stress.

Ignasi Pons, Export Manager of Bioiberica Plant Health, has presented Terra-Sorb®, the flagship product of the company's range of Biostimulants, which began to be marketed in Spain in 1987 and which today enjoys good international recognition with presence in more than 65 countries. Also highlighted is Enzyneer®, Bioiberica's bioactive compound extraction technology based on enzymatic hydrolysis.

The conference also presents agronomic results of these products, mainly in extensive crops, typical of these countries.

Bioiberica Plant Health contributes to agricultural progress, offering sustainable solutions to overcome plant stress, increase crop performance and enhance quality parameters. It researches and develops pharmaceutical-grade biomolecules for the biostimulation, nutrition and protection of plants.

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