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AminoQuelant®-K low pH, Bioiberica's nutritional biostimulant with potassium, receives approval in France

3 Mar 2020
Plant Health
  • The synergy between L-α-amino acids and potassium enhances product absorption inside plants
  • This unique product is fully compatible with hard waters and phytosanitary treatments thanks to its neutral pH

AminoQuelant®-K low pH, one of the star formulas from the Bioavailable Nutrition line at Bioiberica Plant Health has recently received approval in France for use as a fertilising material.

The synergy between Potassium and amino acids enhances the absorption, translocation and activity of potassium inside the plant. Likewise, its neutral pH makes it a unique on the market, due to its complete compatibility with hard waters and with common phytosanitary treatments and fertilisers.  Adding the product to the tank does not raise the pH of the phytosanitary mix as in most potassium-based products on the market. 

AminoQuelant® - K low pH can be applied to all types of crops by spraying it on the leaves or through localised irrigation. It is particularly recommended for fruit and vegetables crops, tropical fruits, olive trees, ornamental plants, industrial crops and field crops. 

The product benefits include more intense fruit colour, greater sugar content, early growth and bigger fruit size, along with full compatibility thanks to the product's neutral pH.

At Bioiberica Plant Health we contribute to agricultural progress, offering sustainable solutions to overcome plant stress, increase crop performance, and enhance quality parameters. The division researches and develops pharmaceutical quality biomolecules for biostimulation, nutrition, and bioprotection.

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