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Bioiberica chooses the winner of the 1st contest in plant macro photography

20 Feb 2018
Plant Health
  • The participants had to take a picture showing a detail or aspect of a plant disease with the pocket microscope for smartphones, provided by Bioiberica’s range of attractants
  • The image that won earned an iPad mini and was taken in a coffee plantation in the Alajuela province, Costa Rica

Bioiberica Plant Physiology closed their photographic contest with the award of an iPad to Yeiner Chacón, an engineer from the Alajuela province, in Costa Rica. All considered photographs were taken with Bioiberica’s microphotography device: a pocket microscope for smartphones which provides great magnification of the image, which, in this case, had to be a plant disease.

In the words of Mr. Chacón, his photograph “shows the sexual phase of the Milena citricolor fungi in a coffee plantation, something which is difficult to view in the field. This disease, which is known as Ojo de Gallo (Rooster Eye), used to be endemic in Costa Rica. Nowadays, it has expanded to all of Central America, Mexico and various countries in South America.”  

Bioiberica would like to thank all the particpants, whose pictures all demonstrated the highest level and excellent attention to detail.

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