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Bioiberica launched at Fruit Attraction trade show two new products for deficiency stress: AminoQuelant™-Ca/Mg and AminoQuelant™-Cu

29 Oct 2015
Plant Health
  • AminoQuelant™-Ca/Mg is especially designed for the prevention and correction of physiopathies causing heterogeneous dehydration of plant tissues
  • AminoQuelant™-Cu fights off frequent copper deficiencies and/or excess calcium in basic soils
  • The biotech company Bioiberica has been innovating for more than 20 years, developing solutions for plant diseases caused by deficiency stress 

Bioiberica’s Plant Physiology Division presented today AminoQuelant™-Ca/Mg and AminoQuelant™-Cu at Fruit Attraction, the International trade show for the fruit and vegetable industry. These are two new releases in the AminoQuelant™ line of products.  These products stimulate the recovery of the physiological equilibrium so that plants may assimilate the nutrients they need, as well as ensuring that micro-elements reach the consumption point in an efficient, safe and quick manner. These micro-elements combine, in a single formulation, the L-α-amino acids made through Bioiberica’s exclusive enzyme hydrolysis process, with nutrients.     

Calcium is an essential element for cell growth during root development. Calcium is also part of the cell walls, whereas magnesium is the main component of chlorophyll, and therefore plays a key role in photosynthesis and the plants’ vegetative growth. The combination of calcium, magnesium and enzyme hydrolysis amino acids allows plants to quickly absorb these elements, which are also quickly transported to the plants’ growth organs, where they are needed most. AminoQuelant™-Ca/Mg is particularly suited for the prevention and correction of physiopathies causing heterogeneous dehydration in plant tissues. It is ideal for weak rachis and bunch stem necrosis in grapevine and table grapes.

On the other hand, copper is present in molecules which are essential for processes such as photosynthesis, respiration and lignification. Therefore, its presence is indispensable to achieve maximum levels for these vital processes. Furthermore, it is also present in a number of enzyme reactions that are necessary for the reproductive and defensive functions. Copper deficiency is frequent in basic soils, with our without excess calcium. AminoQuelant™-Cu addresses this copper deficiency in basic soils (with or without excess calcium), thereby being especially useful for legume and grain crops. In wheat, the most common symptoms are chlorosis and scarce stalk formation. The use of copper in wheat crops is also important to promote the correct formation and protection of fruits. 

Bioiberica is a biotech company with more than 20 years of experience in the management of plant stress, confirmed by leading agrarian and plant physiology research centers. Bioiberica has developed a specific range of amino acid-based products, which operate in a natural way favoring biostimulation, nutrition and plant protection. 

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