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Bioiberica launches Equilibrium®, a new biostimulant specifically for fruit set and the start of fruit ripening

2 Feb 2017
Plant Health
  • Equilibrium® has been found to increase the number of fruit per hectare while maintaining good calibre, in more than 20 trials in different crops
  • The new biostimulant promotes the improved phytohormonal regulation of the plant, optimizing the processes of cell division and mobilization of reserves and acting in the developing organs, maintaining their physiological balance
  • It is a premium product, natural and certified for use in organic agriculture, developed by the R&D department of Bioiberica Plant Physiology

Equilibrium® is the new biostimulant from Bioiberica to improve rates of fruit set and increase production. It is a premium product, natural and certified for use in organic agriculture production, which stimulates the physiological processes involved during fruit set, the process that marks the transition of the flower ovary to a fruit. This process constitutes the first phase of the fruit’s growth and if the growth does not start, or having started then halts, the ovary detaches and, therefore, does not set. “Mitigating the problems produced during fruit set it is possible to increase production. For this reason, in the R&D department we set out to develop a product specifically for this moment of stress in the crops”, explained Anna Botta, a technician with the R&D department of Bioiberica Plant Physiology. 

The fruit setting process requires the input of photoassimilates and mobilisation of the plant’s reserves. This is where Equilibrium® intervenes, a product for foliar application that contains a liquid mixture of amino acids and seaweed extract, and which stimulates the metabolic routes associated with the regulation, synthesis and mobilisation of reserves toward the organs in growth; it also improves the rate of fruit set and fruit fill, by stimulating the rates of cell division and expansion. 

Equilibrium® also contributes to an improved phytohormonal regulation during the sensitive stages of fruiting and development of the fruit, achieving a good balance between the number of fruit set and their calibre. This improvement at the phytohormonal level also makes application possible in other situations of stress (drought, heat, frost, salinity, etc.) to help re-establish the balance during the recovery from stress and to obtain a good final balance between yield and quality in the production. 

Equilibrium® has been tested in more than twenty trials in different crops of great importance in Spain (orange, mandarin, pear, plum, grape, cucumber, olive...) giving excellent results, surpassing even the main reference products in the improvement of fruit set. “As an example, in the trials we have observed that Equilibrium® has achieved a 25% increase in the number of pears harvested per hectare and a 17% increase in the weight of the plums harvested per hectare, thus demonstrating an increase in the number of fruits per hectare and maintaining good calibre”, explained Botta. 

Bioiberica Plant Physiology has spent more than 30 years working in the field of Agronomy to offer solutions to combat plant stress, as well as biological attractants for the control of pests. Bioibérica is an innovative biotechnology company that manufactures and markets its own products for the national and international markets, exporting to over 60 countries.

More information about the product. 

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