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Bioiberica Plant Health enters the Indian market through the distributor Godrej Agrovet

18 Sep 2020
Plant Health
  • This marks yet another step forward in the internalisation strategy of this business unit dedicated to plant health
  • Two biostimulant products, Terra-Sorb® Complex and Equilibrium®, have been launched in eleven states along with the plant protector Armurox®


Bioiberica Plant Health has announced its entry in India, specifically in the plant health market, through Godrej Agrovet, its new distributor in the country. Three products have been launched in eleven states: two biostimulants (Terra-Sorb® Complex and Equilibrium®), and the plant protector Armurox®.

Terra-Sorb® Complex is a product with a high free amino acid and micronutrient content. It works fast and is highly compatible with mixtures. The product enhances photosynthesis activity and the chlorophyll content, provides for a quick recovery when faced with critical situations, improves the quality of fruit setting due to its high Boron (B) content and maintains the balance between biostimulation and the supply of nutrients in the most critical moments for the crop. 

Equilibrium® is a product applied on leaves that contains a liquid mixture of amino acids and algae extract. It stimulates the metabolic pathways related to the regulation, synthesis, and mobilisation of reserves towards the growing organs. It also improves the fruit set and filling rate by stimulating the cell division and expansion rates. 

Armurox® is a unique dual-action product that creates a physical barrier under the cuticle and activates the endogenous defence mechanisms in plants. The peptide compounds in Armurox® act by boosting silicon absorption, an element with a well-known anti-stress effect in plants, and its concentration in leaves.

The entry into India represents one further milestone in the company's international expansion plan for 2020. “This partnership is important for Bioiberica as Godrej is one of the largest companies in India, with a sound agriculture business, present in a wide variety of crops in most states. Our products are a great complement for its biostimulation line”, states Laia Cortel, director of Bioiberica Plant Health.

Bioiberica is a worldwide leader in the life sciences sector, committed to improving the health and well-being of people, animals, and plants. The Bioiberica Plant Health business unit contributes to agricultural progress, offering sustainable solutions to overcome plant stress, increase crop performance, and enhance quality parameters. It researches and develops pharmaceutical quality biomolecules for biostimulation,  nutrition and bioprotection.

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