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Bioiberica to present new evidence of the efficacy of the Terra Sorb range of products at the 2nd World Congress on Biostimulants in Agriculture

16 Nov 2015
Plant Health

Bioiberica’s Plant Physiology Division present from 16 to 19 November at Firenze, Italy, at the  2nd World Congress on the use of Biostimulants in Agriculture

The Congress, organized by New AG International, is attended by more than 1,000 delegates representing 536 firms and institutions from more than 60 countries and holds its 2nd edition, following the success of the earlier edition.

In this congress, the R&D department of our Plant Physiology Division hosts a conference and an oral presentation where they discuss how the capillary electrophoresis technique coupled to mass spectrometry (CE-ESI-MS2) is able to validate why the obtaining of L-α-Amino Acids is more effective in our exclusive Enzymatic Hydrolysis process than the chemical hydrolysis which gives more importance to racemization to D conformations. It is also presented a part of a proteomic trial where the mechanism by which L-α-Amino Acids provide tolerance to plant stress in wheat is revealed.

The 2nd World Congress on Biostimulants in Agriculture is the meeting place to explore, present and discuss the latest scientific and technical novelties in biostimulants, which are increasingly used in crops worldwide.  

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