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Bioiberica presented at the ATALAC Congress in Mexico two innovative solutions improving sugar cane yield

8 Sep 2016
Plant Health

Optimus and Armurox increase sucrose contexts and sugar cane yield, respectively 

The 10th Congress of ATALAC (Association of Sugar Producers of Latin America and the Caribbean) was held this year in Veracruz, Mexico, from 29 August to 2 September. The Congress was attended by hundreds of sugar production experts, in a unique opportunity to present specific products, services and technologies for this agricultural sector.

Bioiberica presented, on this occasion, two products with great results for the cultivation of sugar cane: Armurox® and Optimus®, both eco-friendly products that protect against stress and increase crop yields.

Optimus is an eco-friendly biomaturation agent which increases sucrose contents (TSH) in sugar cane, and that increases sugar cane production after the application of the product. Armurox is a solution based on bioavailable silicon which increases the tonnage of sugarcane that is produced per hectare.

The field trials carried out in collaboration with CUPROSA (distributor of Armurox in Mexico) were presented at the congress. CUPROSA has developed a wide-ranging program of field trial presentations in the last three years.

These trials proved that the application of Armurox increased crop yields by more than 20%, improved the main biometric parameters of sugar cane cultivation, and increased silicon and potassium levels in leaves.

These results have turned Armurox into a highly useful tool for the sugar cane sector, consolidating its position as the gold standard for increasing the bio-availability of silicon in sugar cane production in Mexico, Central America and the Caribbean.

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