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Bioiberica presented the first data on a new formulation based on amphipathic lipids that has been demonstrated to increase storage duration of fruits post-harvest

12 Jun 2015
Plant Health

It was during the 14th National Congress of Horticultural Sciences, held at Orihuela, whose motto was “Challenges in the New Mediterranean Agriculture”

Last week, Dr. Domingo Martínez from the Miguel Hernández University in Elche, presented the preliminary results of the use of a new formulation developed by Bioiberica that is based on amphipathic lipids that increases storage duration of fruit post-collection. The presentation was given at the 14th National Congress of Horticultural Sciences.

More precisely: he presented evidences that plums of the Royal Rose variety treated with this polar lipids formulation reduced their ethylene emissions. Furthermore, their respiration was inferior to that of the control group. The reductions in the processes that take place after collection of the fruit allows them to maintain their quality for longer. In fact plums under treatment were stored for 30 days more than the control group, whose climacteric stage arrived at 20 days of storage. Furthermore, these plums had better external appearance (turgidity, coloration) and firmness during their storage period.

These results raised great interest among producing and distributing firms from the fruit growing sector, because of the large number of professionals reached, as well as because of their content. This presentation and its silver sponsorship were proof, for one more year, of Bioiberica’s commitment to R&D&I in this field, always working in close collaboration with the Spanish Society of Horticulture Sciences.  

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