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Bioiberica presented well attended lectures on control of <i>D. Suzukii</i> in vineyard cultivation

13 Nov 2013
Plant Health

This past November 6th, the 2nd conference on Profitability and Future of Vineyard Growth in Castile-La Mancha was held at Tomelloso, Ciudad Real.

Some 200 professionals in the field of vineyard cultivation attended this event that addressed issues of great interest; such as profitability of states and wineries of Castile-La Mancha. Guest participants included, among others, Mrs. María Luísa Soriano, the regional government’s minister of agriculture. Event sponsor Bioibérica explained that efficient nutrition usage is the most profitable feeding method in vineyard cultivation. Its lecture put the focus on the use of amino acid based biostimulants that favor crop growth and how to fight fungal diseases in vineyards without leaving chemical residues.

That same day, Bioibérica’s Plant Physiology division presented its Suzukii Trap® product at the IQS’ 35th conference in phytosanitary products. As in the previous year, Bioibérica was co-sponsor of this event. Attendants highlighted the excellent efficacy and specificity of our product in D. Suzukii pest control.


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