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BIOIBERICA S.A. and the UMH presented at the XIII National Congress in Horticulture Sciences the results of a trial test of OPTIMUS® in Citric

15 Jun 2012
Plant Health

On April 16-20, 2012, the XIII National Congress in Horticulture Science was held at Almería, Spain. Horticulture constitutes more than 70% of all agricultural output, and Almeria, one of the main horticulture areas in all of Europe, hosts a large concentration of national and transnational companies belonging to the agricultural and agro-food sectors.

Congress in Horticulture This event, hosted by the Spanish Society of Horticultural Sciences (SECH), was attended by a number of distinguished producers and specialists in the field of horticulture. The congress was a magnificent opportunity to put in common their findings and research and to know beforehand the demands of the economy and that of consumers.

Several posters dealing with scientific research on horticulture and fruit tree cultivation were presented during the congress. Several researchers coming from several Spanish Universities as well as from research centers such as the CSIC presented a number of interesting papers.

Professor Martínez-Romero from the Miguel Hernández University presented the results of a trial test of the effects of OPTIMUS ® on the overall aspect and quality of mandarins and lemons watered with poor-quality water. This trial, carried out in 2008, was a joint research project of researchers coming from the Miguel Hernández University and the R & D team for Plant Physiology of BIOIBERICA S.A.

The researchers concluded that the application of Optimus® in mandarin and lemon reduces the damage caused by saline stress and increase the overall quality of the crop.

You can read further information about the congress at:

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