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Bioiberica was one of the main sponsors of the SmartFruit international congress

17 Feb 2014
Plant Health

Representatives of OIRSA and MIDA, the national plant protection organizations of Mexico and Panamá, attended the meeting, along with technicians and representatives of several Central America distributors.

The experts first visited Bioiberica’s plant, where the most recent field trials carried out in their geographic area with our Plant Physiology Division products were presented. They saw examples of the use of products such as Cera Trap® and Suzukii Trap® as well as Crop-Scan®,our new system for the diagnosis of plant stress. Crop-Scan® especially aroused their interest because of its applicability. They also had the opportunity to see the results of field trials with citrus fruits affected by HLB and the use of Armurox to treat coffee rust.

After the technical symposium, the visitors attended the SmartFruit Congress held in Barcelona on February 2-4, with Bioiberica as one of its main sponsors. 

The congress’ visitors could attend a number of meetings on integrated management of pests in stone and pome fruits, citrus, grapevine and olive. The symposiums dealt with the most recent pests affecting these crops, such as Drosophila suzukii in cherries and strawberries, or HLB in citrus fruit. Regarding the management of the fruit fly pests in citrus fruit and other orchards, several lectures and press releases highlighted the importance of ecological solutions such as Cera Trap®.

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