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Bioiberica was present at Despertar del Olivo 2013

11 Jun 2013
Plant Health

Bioiberica’s Plant Physiology Division was present at Expoliva-there, the major irrigation associations in the province of Jaén gave its support to Bioiberica and its Terra-Sorb® Radicular product, the best choice to supply amino acids to their olive groves.


Terra-Sorb® Radicular reduces fertigation costs by optimizing natural nutrients as well as those supplied externally through irrigation.

This is a particularly important aspect, because the abundant rainfall of the past winter and spring delayed the start of the irrigation campaign for three months, and now it is crucial that the fertilizers are absorbed in a fast and efficient way.

Optimus® has also played a key role in the past olive crop. This product, coupled with the copper used by farmers in the early spring treatment, gave olive trees a rapid and efficient growth.

Therefore, Optimus®, has become a new and important weapon to overcome the stress caused by the after crop and winter cold. Together with Terra-Sorb® Complex, it is now the product of choice for olive grove cultivation.

For the coming months, AminoQuelant®-K low pH will be a key tool to fight against upcoming carpophagous pests.


Bioiberica’s solutions were presented at Expoliva 2013 at Jaén. Expoliva is the major international meeting place for olive cultivation. This year’ edition had great participation.

According to Juan Bueno, our representative in Jaén, Bioberica’s products, which are based on enzymatic hydrolysis amino acids, are highly valuable and biologically active, as well as useful “in the field”, as they can be easily adapted to each farmer’s needs. He also pointed out that thisline of products is focused on sustainability “for crops, as well as for people”.

A large number of farmers, members of irrigation associations, and large farm crop specialists met at Bioiberica’s booth, encompassing nationwide distributors of products for olive cultivation. Bioiberica’s Plant physiology division wishes to thank their yearly contribution, hard work, and commitment to our products.

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