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Bioiberica, which was once again in the lead for the enzymatic hydrolysis production of amino acid-, peptide and hydrolysated protein-based products, was present at the 12th New AG held in Warsaw

2 Apr 2014
Plant Health

Bioiberica again attended the annual congress hosted by New Ag International journal.

The 12th New Ag International Conference & Exhibition is an important conference in the field of fertilizers and technologies applicable to the improvement in agricultural yield. This conference is attended by producers, distributors and high tech industries alike.

The New Ag journal selected Poland to host its 12th congress because of the economic importance of their extensive agriculture crops, and that of their apple and strawberry production.

The congress was attended by speakers and visitors from Poland, Switzerland, Israel, Belgium, Spain, Ireland, USA, Netherlands, Italy, Colombia, China, India, Mexico and Canada… all coming to learn about the latest updates in crop nutrition and protection. Among these latest updates, lectures placed special emphasis on the role of silicon in the prevention of crop stress.

BIOIBERICA’s plant physiology division had its own booth at the conference in order to present their renowned catalogue of biostimulants, bioavailable nutrition, plant protection and biological attractant products.

Our plant physiology division wishes to express their appreciation to the support and interest in our natural solutions for crop stress shown by all our visitors. 



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