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Bioiberica’s Plant physiology Division was present at the Senafrut 2012 seminar, held in Santa Catarina, Brazil

2 Jul 2012
Plant Health

After attending the Hortitec Fair held in Holambra, Brazil, Bioiberica’s Plant Physiology team and its Brazilian distributor Agro Comercial Wiser were also present at Senafrut 2012.

Senafrut 2012

Senafrut 2012, a seminar in warm climate agriculture, was held on 26-28 June 2012 at the town of São Joaquim, Santa Catarina (The state of Santa Catarina is considered the coldest in Brazil).The staff of the EPAGRI (Empresa de PesquisaAgropecuária e Extensão Rural de Santa Catarina) attended this fair, along with a number of agriculture experts and Apple and grape growers: apples and grapes are the two most common crops in the state of Santa Catarina. Apple-growing is the most traditional crop in that region, whereas wine grapes began to be produced in large quantities in Brazil only five-ten years ago.

Many attendees paid a visit to the Wiser stand to receive specific information about Bioibérica’s products against plant stress. Large-scale apple producers showed remarkable interest in our products against cold-induced stress during the plant’s bud break, whereas many other visitors were regular consumers of Terra Sorb Foliar ® andFitaminCaB plus ®.

Staff Senafrut

The Wiser staff gave information to anyone who was interestedabout the upcoming approval of our environmentally- friendly product for the control of the fruit fly, Cera Trap ®. Field trials are currently being carried out in Brazilto test its effectiveness against the Anastrephafrateculus fly, the most harmful fruit pest in that country.

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