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Coinciding with the 37th Expoatam, Bioiberica carried out a technical tour on sugarcane in Mexico

25 Sep 2015
Plant Health

Bioiberica presented a new paper that highlight how Armurox® achieves a greater productivity and better pest and disease control in sugarcane crops

An important Bioiberica delegation, along with representatives from their main distributor in Latin America and several sugarcane mill technicians, attended the congress of the Association of Sugar Technicians of Mexico (Asociación de Técnicos Azucareros de México, ATAM). This year’s congress was hosted at an incomparable setting: the Veracruz World Trade Center. At the congress, Bioiberica gave an oral presentation as well as presented a poster by Don Jesús Vargas, research director at the CATSA sugar mill in Costa Rica.

Among the papers being presented, a highlight was one describing how the application to crops of bioavailable silicon through Armurox® achieves a greater productivity and better pest and disease control in sugarcane crops. The presented results evidenced this, showing a 22% higher yield per hectare, as well as improvements in all qualitative parameters calculated through biometric measurements and foliar analysis, including silicon content. Furthermore, the poster presented by Bioiberica highlighted that Optimus® effectively reinforced the ripening of these crops.

Finally, Bioiberica took advantage of the occasion to hold several joint meetings, including visits to facilities as well as a field tour of some of the towns where field trials had been held, in order to present first-hand evidence of the development status of the field trials.

Thanks to its excellent presentation and interesting content, these results raised great interest among the engineers and companies of the sugarcane sector attending the congress. With their participation, Bioiberica yet again proved their commitment to innovation to overcome plant stress and improve yield and quality in crops worldwide. 

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