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Crop-Scan played a starring role in the Montoro Olive Fair, after establishing itself as a profitable service that improves the quality and yield of crops

24 May 2016
Plant Health

Bioiberica’s Plant Physiology Division is cooperating with their Cordoba distributor, CBH, to boost the use of Crop-Scan in olive crops, along with other solutions and innovative techniques for this important crop in the Iberian Peninsula 

The Montoro Olive Fair is the second most important nationwide fair, second only to Expoliva in Jaen, in olive production. It is held every two years, alternating between Expoliva and the Montoro fair. This event, which lasts for four days in May, is attended by a large number of firms specializing in this crop, including among them agricultural exploitations and inputs, field management equipment, and processing equipment for olives in olive-oil mills. 

Year after year, we can see in each fair that a growing number of new technologies, focused on more efficient crop management, are arriving. Many of these technologies are related to precision agriculture. 

In the field of precision agriculture, in the joint Bioiberica-CBH booth at this year’s fair, we presented the beneficial effects of the Crop-Scan technology for the optimization of olive cultivation, which raised a great deal of interest among visitors. The technical team present at the booth demonstrated that Crop-Scan is a profitable service which can improve crop quality through the precise diagnostics of four crop indexes. Bioberica thanks all visitors who came to our booth and their growing interest in all precision agriculture technologies, which today are a solid reality in the field of olive cultivation.

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