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A delegation of Mexican Experts visited Bioiberica’s facilities in Catalonia to gain in-depth understanding of the local agri food sector

26 Sep 2011
Plant Health

The delegation, which brought together experts from different Mexican states, visited Bioiberica’s headquarters in Catalonia on September 15, 2011

Click to enlarge photoA few days before, the Mexican delegation had visited the facilities of the Department of Agriculture, Livestock, fisheries, food and natural environment in the city of Lleida. The objective of their visit was to gain a better knowledge of the Catalan agri food sector, to learn about the organization and operation of the integrated production system in Catalonia, and to receive information about its key elements. This system aims at the production of quality food by means of certification procedure that guarantees the utilization use of environmentally- and health-friendly technologies.

During their visit, the Mexican commission was made aware of the degree of implementation of the Integrated Production Standards implemented in Catalonia. They were also informed about the operational aspects of this quality food production system.

For the agri food sector, it is very important to establish synergistic activities between Catalonia and Mexico in order to strengthen the trade relations and agreements between the producing areas of both territories.

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