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Distributors, specialist technicians and farmers from Russia, Spain, Tunisia, Morocco, Portugal and Brazil visited the Bioiberica’s Plant Physiology Division Facilities at Palafolls.

10 Oct 2013
Plant Health

During the past month of September, Bioiberica’s Plant Physiology division facilities at Palafolls were visited by six groups of experts.

fisiologia_vegetal01_400The first group came from Russia. Shortly thereafter, representatives of six large olive producing sites from the province of Jaen in Southern Spain visited Bioiberica’s plant in mid-September. Also in September, technicians from Tunisia and two more groups of producers and technicians from Morocco and Portugal came to Palafolls to visit Bioiberica’s facilities; as well as to participate in an information meeting. To complete the visits, during the first week of October we enjoyed the visit of our Brazilian partners. Overall, more than 40 satisfied users of Bioiberica’s solutions against plant stress visited our facilities.

Our plant physiology division presented our specific solutions against plant stress, available in our catalogue, to our visitors. Each presentation focused on the specific needs of their respective regions’ crops. Moreover, visitors exchanged views on the current situation in farming and on the agricultural markets in their respective areas.

All visitors, both technicians as well as producers, expressed their satisfaction over the opportunity of knowing Bioiberica’s facilities, praising the quality of the entire plant and how modern the facilities are. Bioibérica appreciated their collaboration, interest and commitment to sustainable, crop quality-driven farming.

The plant physiology division offered all visitors a technical session where the visitors could share theirfield experiences with products such as Terra-Sorb Foliar® and the AminoQuelant® range of products; as well as with the Optimus® and Armurox® joint range of products.

Bioiberica’s range of biological attractants aroused considerable interest. Visitors commented on the efficacy of our Cera Trap® and Suzukii Trap® – our extensive trap systems against the Ceratitis capitata and Drosophila Suzukii pests. All of them unanimously expressed their satisfaction with the excellent results of Bioiberica’s products against plant stress.


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