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Distributors, technicians and landowners from Jaen, Morocco and Latin America visited the Plant Physiology facility

12 May 2016
Plant Health

This past April, our Palafolls plant (Barcelona province) saw a continual coming and going of technicians, distributors, and landowners from all around the world

Our Plant Physiology Division gave technical talks at all of these visits, in which participants shared their field experiences with CeraTrap® and Armurox® - products that raise great interest due to their efficacy as well as their innovating character.  

Since Morocco is a major producer and exporter of citrus, it is very important for them to have effective pest control systems for the Mediterranean fruit fly. This allows them to obtain quality citrus crops, free from residues and insect bites. CeraTrap® fits that role: it is an efficient and eco-friendly pest control system that reduces the impact of harmful insects more than the standard chemical treatment; it is residue-free and does not harm useful fauna. In addition, other products in Bioiberica’s range of biological attractants were presented and raised great interest among our guests, who commented on the efficacy of our SuzukiiTrap®; a mass eco-friendly trap product for the capture and control of Drosophila suzukii.  

At the end of their visit, our visitors unanimously expressed their satisfaction with the performance of Bioiberica’s products against plant stress for all of their crops. 

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