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Eastern Europe producers gave a very positive assessment of the effectiveness of Terra-Sorb® on their crops

25 Jun 2015
Plant Health

Terra-Sorb is a product used in more than 60 countries worldwide
Ukraine and Czech Republic agricultural experts have confirmed their efficacy 

Our Plant Physiology Division’s biostimulant is highly recognized worldwide, especially in Eastern Europe, where it is used by producers from different regions who apply it in different situations, following the advice of independent consultants.

In a paper recently published by the Ukraine journal Agroexpert, producers from various Ukraine and Czech regions confirmed the efficacy of Terra-Sorb®. These agricultural specialists affirmed that the efficacy of Terra-Sorb® has been proved in open field crops such as corn, rapeseed and sugar beet, or in permanent crops like blackcurrant and other fruit trees.

According to these experts, the effects of Terra-Sorb® have been highly satisfactory in the recovery of crops damaged by winter climate or hailstorms, or by herbicides and other phytosanitary products. They also confirmed a significant crop yield improvement.

The free amino acid contents of the Terra-Sorb® formulation exert a biostimulant and anti-stress effect while not putting at risk plant growth. As the Ukrainian and Czech producers have witnessed, their effects are notable, even in cases where it seemed impossible to save the crop.

Terra-Sorb® is a biostimulant based on amino acids obtained through enzyme hydrolysis. This natural and exclusive process allows for an environmentally friendly crop management. Terra-Sorb® is available in foliar and radicular application solutions. 

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