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More sustainable disease control and reduced chemical waste, the main reasons cited by Spanish farmers for using biocontrol products

29 Apr 2020
Plant Health
  • A total of 79% of respondents say they have used biocontrol products in phytosanitary treatments at some point
  • And 63% already employ integrated or organic production strategies
  • These numbers come from a survey by Bioibérica of Spanish farmers of different types of crops

Biological products are essential tools for the sustainable agriculture of the future and include bio-fertilizers, bio-stimulants, and bio-control products.

Of the biological products, biocontrol will play a key role in addressing new agricultural challenges, although at present it is only 5% of the plant protection market (Dunham Trimmer LLC, 2019). The United States and Europe make up two thirds of the market, and Spain is the main consumer of this type of product in Europe.

A survey carried out by Bioibérica of farmers of different crops in Spain clearly showed how integrated or organic production strategies are beginning to make up the majority of agricultural production systems (63.4% of those surveyed) compared to traditional production systems.

Of these, 79% say they used biocontrol products at some time in treatments, alternating with other chemical phytosanitary products, to improve control of fungal diseases, for example, in their crops while monitoring any resistance that might appear. They also pointed to the reduction of chemical waste and respect for the environment as the main advantages of using this type of product.

Among those who do not use biological products, the number of applications for optimal overall efficacy remains one of the main stumbling blocks to their roll out.

At Bioiberica Plant Health we contribute to agricultural progress, offering sustainable solutions to overcome plant stress, increase crop performance, and enhance quality parameters. It researches and develops pharmaceutical quality biomolecules for biostimulation, nutrition, and bioprotection.

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