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This past October, Bioibérica’s Plant Physiology Division attended the following events: Vegetal World, Fruit Attraction ’13, ABIM 2013 and the 7th national congress of applied Entomology.

30 Oct 2013
Plant Health

Bioibérica has had an event-filled month, with presentations of its newest products, SuzukiiTrap® and Crop-Scan®. Bioibérica’s continued to callits Cera Trap® system the most efficient and eco-friendly mass trap device currently available in the national and international markets.

The Vegetal World congress was held inValencia on October 2-4, and Bioibérica was present with its own booth. The scheduled conferences on comprehensive management of emergent pests and crops were attended by many technicians specializing in fruit and vegetable cultivation. Bioibérica attractedseveral visitors interested in the Cera Trap® system, explaining to them how to use their products and solutions for plant stress on persimmon, citric, kiwi, pomegranate and peach crops.

Later that month, on October 16-18, Bioibérica had its own booth at the FruitAttraction Fair, that was held inMadrid. FruitAttraction has become a leading meeting in Europe in the field of fruit production and its ancillary industries. It was attended by some 35,000 professionals from 83 countries, 25% more than the past Fair, with a 27% increase in the number of visitors. Bioibérica’s booth was visited by many people interested in our specific solutions for quality improvement and eco-friendly protection of crops. Our solutions for the improvement of crop quality andcrop protection can be classified into four lines: biostimulants, bioavailable nutrition, plant protection, and biological attractants.

On October 21-23, a delegation of Bioibérica’s Plant Physiology division went to Basel (Switzerland) to attend the 2013 Annual Biocontrol Industries Meeting (ABIM) hosted by the IBMA (International Biocontrol Manufacturers’ Association). Bioibérica is an active member of the IBMA. The congress’ participants predicted excellent prospects for the future of biocontrol products and techniques. There were also discussion forums on the current UE laws for this type of product.

Finally, that same week, on 21-25 October, the 7th Congress of Applied Entomology (within the 14th Conference of the SEEA or Sociedad Española de EntomologíaAplicada) was held. Bioibérica presented the excellent results of the field trials with Suzukii Trap®to control the Drosophila suzukii pest in strawberry crops.



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