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The Plant Physiology Division, present at the 8th meeting of the Tephritid Workers of the Western Hemisphere (TWWH)

17 Sep 2012
Plant Health

The 8th meeting was held July 30th to August 3rd, 2012 at Panama City, at the emblematic El Panamá Hotel.

Grupo de Trabajo en Moscas de la Fruta del Hemisferio Occidental

This work group, which is formed by scientist and specialist in Fruit Fly control coming from the Western Hemisphere, meets every three years at a different venue in the American continent in order to share knowledge about the most recent advances in their field.

During this year’s meeting there were presented more than 100 posters and some 25 lectures.

Bioiberica presented a lecture on CeraTrap® entitled “Use of CeraTrap® Mass trapping techniques at Mexico, Central America and the Caribbean”. Furthermore, there were presented three posters from Mexico, Panama and Israel that mentioned CeraTrap®.

Bioiberica’s Plant Physiology division had a stand at the meeting, where our sales team received the visits of specialists and scientist attending the meeting. A large representation of the division participated in the event due to the large number of Bioiberica distributors attending the event. Our stand was visited by Panama’s minister of agricultural development (Ministro de Desarrollo Agropecuario, MIDA) who show great interest in our Cera Trap® technology.

Grupo de Trabajo en Moscas de la Fruta del Hemisferio Occidental

CeraTrap® was the most commented product due to its many possible uses of mass trapping technology in the American continent because it is a polyvalent, highly efficient and environmentally friendly product.

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