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Technicians and major distributors from all over the world participated in the technical symposium hosted by Bioberica Vegetal in their Palafolls plant

19 Oct 2015
Plant Health

During September and October, noted professionals in the agricultural sector will receive training and share their experience in crop management

In September, the first group of visiting professionals were distributors of Bioiberica’s range of plant physiology products from Iran. The following group was composed of technicians and producers in the field of olive production; and came from the Jaen province, in Southern Spain. To close September’s visits, a delegation from our distributor partner in Australia visited the Palafolls plant, as well as several important agricultural estates where Bioiberica products are being used with excellent results.

The plant physiology division presented to all our visitors our specific, innovative solutions for the diagnosing and management of plant stress in their crops: table grape, stone fruit tree, citric, strawberry, lettuce, pear and apple tree, asparagus, potato…

Furthermore, our visitors shared their experiences with the use of Bioiberica’s products. These products were Cera-Trap™, as well as the Terra-Sorb™, Amino-Quelant™, Inicium™ and Stressal™ range of products, which were all well known by our visitors. They also discussed the possible usages and solutions offered by products such as Armurox™ or Suzukii Trap™.

In October, our distributor partner in Serbia has already visited our facilities. Later in October, we also expect a visit from major agricultural landowners in the Czech Republic and that of Bioiberica’s distributor in Sri Lanka, along with their major customers. 

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