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Terra-Sorb® Complex was the most noted product at the AECTRA Academy

26 Feb 2015
Plant Health
  • AECTRA, Bioiberica’s distributor in Romania, hosted the technical symposium “ACADEMIA AECTRA” on 19-20 February at Brasov, which presented the field trials carried out in the largest agricultural estates of the country
  • Among the products presented for yield optimization, the Terra-Sorb® Complex excelled

The Agricost firm, with more than 50,000 Ha in the Danube basin, is one of the largest agricultural firms in all of Europe. They use the best products available in the market, and even then, only after testing them for two years in their experimental plots. The president of this estate, Lucian Buzdugan, explained that Agricost have been using the Terra-Sorb™ range of products since 2011, when they began using Terra-Sorb Foliar in soy and corn plots. In this particular occasion, he highlighted how they achieved their largest yield ever in colza and wheat thanks to Terra-Sorb Complex.

This was one of the trials presented at the ACADEMIA AECTRA technical symposium, hosted this past week in Romania. At this symposium, Bioiberica also presented a compilation of international trials using Terra-Sorb Foliar during autumn on wheat and colza, to allow them to better resist the cold and improve the efficiency of phytosanitary treatments. Terra-Sorb Complex was also applied to the crops during the early springtime to provide them with bio stimulation and maximize its final yield.

On the 20th there were two roundtables, one on extensive cultivation and another on horticulture. Local distributors, producers and technicians asked questions and shared experiences on the use of the products.

At the conclusion of the symposium, the attendees showed great satisfaction and appreciation to the work of AECTRA and Bioiberica in explaining what is the best possible way to manage plant stress and extract maximum yield from crops. 

Discussion of the symposium on Romanian TV:

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