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Top experts coming from seven Central, South and North American countries participate in a tour arranged by Bioibérica’s Plant Physiology Division

10 Oct 2012
Plant Health

All our distributors in these countries, our most important customers, and the top officials responsible for plant health from Mexico, República Dominicana, Ecuador, as well as from several Central American countries, participated in the tour.

Plant Physiology Division’s tour

The main objective of their visit was to learn about Bioibérica, and how to use their products. To do so, they visited several different farming regions in Spain.

One of the main goals of the tour was to gain on-the-field, first-hand knowledge about our mass trap technology (CeraTrap) directly from local farmers and agricultural technicians. During the ten-day tour, our guests had the opportunity to learn about the several different Spanish agricultural regions, its different kinds of crops and farming methods, and how to manage plant stress in every different region or type of crop. The lessons learned were of great importance, as they will be applied to the agricultural systems of their respective countries.

Plant Physiology Division’s tour

All participants were highly satisfied with the results of the tour- the friendly and congenial environment among people coming from seven different countries was particularly remarkable.

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