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Scientific trial proves efficacy of Bioibérica Plant Health’s Terramin® Pro in boosting soil health

25 Feb 2021
Plant Health
  • Terramin® Pro increases the beneficial microbiota in soil, helping mobilise nutrients, tolerate stress and boost crop yield.
  • Terramin® Pro is especially recommended for organic crops, as it is high in organic nitrogen, and in intensive agricultural systems that need biological regeneration.

Bioibérica Plant Health has announced positive results of a scientific trial with Terramin® Pro in different sorts of soils for growing lettuce in Murcia (Spain). The product has been proven effective at promoting soil health, which is key for agricultural productivity and sustainability.

The trial was conducted in collaboration with US company Biome Makers Inc., which specialises in microbiome analysis of soil using their innovative technology.

The main conclusions are that Terramin® Pro improves the mobilisation rates for carbon, nitrogen and potassium compared to the control and unlike treatment with humic extracts in standard agricultural soils; it improves plant growth-promoting (PGPs) rates, mainly production of cytokinins; it significantly improves salinity tolerance, the factor that most affects soils today; and it boosts the antistress microbial enzyme (ACC deaminase).

Terramin® Pro is a formulation based on L-α-amino acids that is quickly assimilated in the rhizosphere, naturally obtained using the exclusive Enzyneer® technology commercialised since 2018 in different crops for fertigation. Anna Botta, Bioibérica Plant Health product manager, explains that it is “the first prebiotic Bioibérica has designed to stimulate the local microbiota in the soil and promote crop fertilisation in a way that can reduce dependence on chemical fertilisers under the new European Green Deal.”

Given its benefits, the product is recommended for organic agriculture as it is high in liquid organic nitrogen, for poor or degraded soils that need biological regeneration, in intensive agriculture systems with high agricultural activity or crop rotation, and to improve the health of the soil and plant roots at any time.

Terramin® Pro is certified for use in organic agriculture.

Bioiberica is a worldwide leader in the life sciences sector, committed to improving the health and well-being of people, animals, and plants. The Bioiberica Plant Health business unit contributes to agricultural progress, offering sustainable solutions to overcome plant stress, increase crop performance, and enhance quality parameters. It researches and develops pharmaceutical quality biomolecules for biostimulation, nutrition, and bioprotection.

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