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Upcoming congresses in red berries and hedge olive cultivation - coming events for Bioiberica Plant Physiology

21 Jun 2017
Plant Health

The III International Congress in Red Fruits and the first International Symposium in Hedge Olive Cultivation are the most relevant events in plant physiology to be held in the month of June
The Terrasorb® amino acid-based range of products for plant stress will be key in both venues 

Bioiberica will be present this week at the 3rd International Congress in Red Berries, to be held in Huelva, Spain. Thirty years ago in this very province of Huelva, Bioiberica’s Plant Physiology Division began using Terra-Sorb® on strawberry cultivation (1987-2017).

In addition, on the 29th of June, Bioiberica will be one of the sponsors of the 1st International Symposium in Hedge Olive Culture which will be hosted jointly by Olint Journal and by the University of Cordova (UCO). This first symposium, to be held in Cordoba, will tackle with the present and future of hedge olive cultivation, a relatively recent practice that was first developed in Spain in 1994, but that today covers more than 300,000 hectares of olive groves worldwide. The positive results of the Terra-Sorb range of products in intensive olive cultivation have turned this product into one of the market benchmarks in olive biostimulation. 

The Terra-Sorb range of products is composed of biostimulants based on amino acids produced through enzyme hydrolysis. These amino acids can be rapidly absorbed by the plants’ metabolism. They are highly recommended for use fighting plant stress, which can be caused by extreme temperatures or critical incidents in the plants’ development. Terra-Sorb is available both for radicular as well as foliar application.

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