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Format: 03/23/2023
10 Oct 2012
Plant Health

All our distributors in these countries, our most important customers, and the top officials responsible for plant health from Mexico, República Dominicana, Ecuador, as well as from several Central American countries, participated in the tour.

9 Oct 2012
Plant Health

This past Tuesday, September 25th, a delegation of distributors of Bioibérica’s Plant Physiology products at the Ukraine, Moldavia and Byelorussia visited our production facilities at Palafolls

17 Sep 2012
Plant Health

The 8th meeting was held July 30th to August 3rd, 2012 at Panama City, at the emblematic El Panamá Hotel.

2 Aug 2012
Plant Health

The 2nd TEAM international symposium, held in Crete, Greece, was attended by more than 130 professionals from several different fields

12 Jul 2012
Plant Health

The Bioibérica team and the staff of its Brazilian representative, Agro Commercial Wiser, performed technical support and information tasks at the fair.