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We explain, via videos of true stories, the social impact of our business, our milestones and updates, and the latest news from the sectors where we operate.

4 Jul 2016

A clot is good when there is damage to the vascular tissue, but it is dangerous if it forms in a healthy blood vessel. In this case it is called a thrombus. Heparin is the anti-coagulant of choice most used to prevent and treat thrombosis, among other indications.
28 Jun 2016

The centenary of the discovery of heparin was celebrated in Madrid on 17th June 2016 with an event sponsored by His Majesty King Felipe VI. It was an institutional event of a medical and scientific nature to promote heparin and its clinical and social importance.
17 Jun 2016

In 2016 the centenary of the discovery of the Heparin is celebrated and this video is a tribute to this event
17 May 2016
Plant Health

Agriculture has for many years been considered a low-tech activity with little need for the latest modern advances. But today connectivity is gaining ground and more use is being made of GPS precision-guided tractors, sensors that regulate the amount of irrigation water down to the last drop, pest surveillance from the air and farms hooked up to big data.
17 Mar 2016

Bioibérica was founded in 1975 and its first product was heparin. 40 years later, this biotech company has become a world leader in the production of this active pharmaceutical ingredient, absolutely essential for human health.