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We explain, via videos of true stories, the social impact of our business, our milestones and updates, and the latest news from the sectors where we operate.

9 Mar 2017

“Heparin: 100 years saving lives” uses personal cases and professional experiences to explain what this molecule means to the history of Medicine and the lives of millions of people
    8 Mar 2017

    Only four days away from the 39th Barcelona Marathon, and we were lucky enough to talk to one of the organisers and the life and soul of the project, Joan Porcar. The journalist, pilot, adventurer and businessman, and the first Spaniard to take part in the Dakar Rally, offered us some tips for participants and explained what sport means to his life.
    13 Feb 2017

    100 international participants gathered and the focus of debate centered on a single molecule: heparin. Late last year, leading glycosaminoglycan specialists convened to discuss the future of this anticoagulant drug that saves more than 100 million lives every year, and we had the opportunity to talk to some of them.
    15 Nov 2016
    Plant Health

    Bioiberica has organized the first Ibero-American Summit on plant physiology which has brought together more than 50 experts and directors coming from Chile, Brazil, Argentina, Peru, Mexico and various provinces of Spain. A team from Bioibérica has followed them for two days and recorded their impressions.
    31 Oct 2016

    After nearly a year of filming, we can finally present a preview of the documentary on the 100th anniversary of the discovery of heparin.