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We explain, via videos of true stories, the social impact of our business, our milestones and updates, and the latest news from the sectors where we operate.

27 Apr 2020

At Bioiberica Sant Jordi has been synonymous with roses and breakfast with colleagues. Today we can’t celebrate it together, but we want to make it special.
14 Apr 2020

The company adjusted the logo’s tracking, ensuring a minimum letter spacing of 200, in order to raise awareness about social distancing
8 Apr 2020

Bioiberica wants to thank all its suppliers for their support and work during this health crisis.
31 Mar 2020

We maintain our production and supply of Heparin and other APIs and essential ingredients for the health of people, animals and plants.
26 Mar 2020
Plant Health

Thank you farmers. Today, more than ever, we’re supporting our heroes in the fields who work hard to put food on our tables every day.