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Bioiberica Companion Animal Health to present their next generation of products for hepatic and joint health at the IBERZOO+PROPET show

20 Mar 2019
Companion Animal Health
  • Condrovet® Force HA and  Prolivet®, products for the reinforcements of the joint and hepatic health of cats and dogs, highlight innovative solutions for the veterinarian to be offered by our company
  • The AMVAC scientific congress will be held at the same time as IBERZOO+PROPET

Bioiberica will be present (booth 10D07) at IBERZOO+PROPET 2019 to present their range of innovative solutions for veterinarians, with special emphasis on the next generation of products for joint and hepatic health: Condrovet® Force HA, the winning formula for chondro-protection, and our new product for this year, Prolivet®, for the maintenance of hepatic function in cats and dogs.
Condrovet® Force HA is Bioiberica’s most recent product designed for the protection of the joints of cats and dogs suffering from osteoarthritis and degenerative processes of the joint cartilage. Condrovet® Force HA has a combination of ingredients exclusive in the market: chondroitin sulfate (100% pure), glucosamine (99% pure), hyaluronic acid and type II native collagen.

Prolivet®, the new product in Bioiberica’s booth, is the answer to a need identified by veterinarians: it is calculated that 20% of cats and dogs suffer from liver conditions, and that, in 80% of these cases, they have chronic conditions. Prolivet® contains S-adenosylmethionine of natural origin, silibinin-phosphatidylcholine complex and E Vitamin that promote the correct function of the liver.

IBERZOO+PROPET has consolidated itself as the leading international event in the pet animals sector of the Iberian Peninsula. The 2018 congress was attended by almost 16,000 professionals from 46 countries, a figure that it is expected to be exceeded by the 2019 edition which will be held at the IFEMA venue in Madrid, on 21-23 March. At the same time, the AMVAC (Madrid’s Association of Pet Animal Veterinarians) will hold their 36th scientific congress, which it is expected to be attended by more than 3,000 visitors, most of them veterinarians, but also professionals from the pet animal sector.

Bioiberica Companion Animal Health specializes in offering evidence-based solutions for the health improvement of pets suffering from chronic conditions, with products made with high quality ingredients, highly palatable and having a high safety profile.

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