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Bioiberica launched Terramin® Pro, a powerful biostimulator of soil health

7 Nov 2018
Plant Health
  • This new product is rich in free amino acids and organic matter
  • It improves the natural conditions of the rhizosphere and provides the fertilization that the soil microbiota need
  • It is certified for use in eco-friendly agriculture

Bioiberica Salud Vegetal has launched Terramin® Pro, a biostimulating product with an L-α-amino acid formulation that improves soil health and crop fertilization.

This new product provides rapid assimilation organic nitrogen, coming in its entirety from amino acids. The high organic matter content is an extra advantage for radicular usage, for it improves the natural conditions of the rhizosphere. Furthermore, Terramin® Pro provides the fertilization needed by the soil microbiota for the proper development of crops.

In the words of Laia Cortel, director of Bioiberica Salud Vegetal, “Thanks to Enzyneer®, our new exclusive technology for the extraction of bioactive components, we are introducing to the biostimulants market a new product for the treatment of plant stress, which will allow farmers to develop more sustainable and profitable crops”.

Terramin® Pro is certified for usage in eco-friendly agriculture. It can be applied to the radicular system of all kinds of crops, and it is sold in -20, -120 and -1000 liter cans.

About Bioiberica Salud Vegetal

For more than 30 years, Bioiberica Salud Vegetal has contributed to the advance of agriculture, offering sustainable solutions for plant stress, as well as improving crop yield and quality. We research and develop pharmaceutical-grade bio-molecules for the bio stimulation, nutrition and protection of plants.

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