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Bioiberica's Terra-Sorb® line of biostimulants celebrates its 30th anniversary

4 Dec 2017
Plant Health
  • Terra-Sorb® was first sold in Spain in 1987. Currently it is present in more than 65 countries and continues to be a sales leader from the company's Vegetable Physiology Division
  • More than 1,000 trials on different plants, in different climate conditions and countries have confirmed the efficacy of the Terra-Sorb® line of products
  • Anna Botta, Bioiberica R&D: “We're convinced that biostimulants can have an important role in the fight against climate change”

Video- Terra-Sorb® : 30 years of fighting against vegetable stress


Bioibérica's Terra-Sorb® line of biostimulants to fight against stress in crops celebrates its 30th anniversary. Terra-Sorb® was first sold in Spain in 1987. Today it enjoys an excellent international reputation and is present in more than 65 countries. 

In Spain alone, “90% of the distributors which started to use Terra-Sorb® in the first years continue to be loyal to Bioibérica's biostimulants” notes Ignacio López-Cepero, the Area Manager for Vegetable Physiology in Bioiberica in the video report commemorating the line's 30th anniversary. 

This line is based on amino acids obtained through enzymatic hydrolysis, a natural and exclusive process from Bioibérica which allows for environmentally safe crop management compatible with ecological agriculture. “We're convinced that bioestimulants can have a very important role in the fight against climate change precisely because of the manner in which they act” explains Anna Botta, R+D+I Technician from Bioiberica's Vegetable Physiology Division. 

Its application is key in critical moments of cultivation such as flowering, fruit formation and development, as it enhances the plant's resistance and recovery in stress-inducing situations. Its use is intended for different types of crops: fruits, gardens, vineyard, industrial farming, etc. 

“The principal benefit of Terra-Sorb® is the security that it gives farmers. Even if some type of adverse climate condition or a type of abiotic or pathogenic stress occurs, the crop will still reach its greatest potential”, as Anna Botta explains. The company has conducted more than 1,000 trials on different plants, in different countries and climate conditions which confirm the efficacy of the product. 

Terra-Sorb® Foliar was the first product of the line to be manufactured and “it still continues to be one of the leading Vegetable Physiology products sold by Bioiberica” highlights Ricard Brossa, Bioibérica's Vegetable Physiology Product Manager. 

The line is made up of four products: 

Terra-Sorb® radicular: this formula was developed specifically to be applied on the ground and today it is a leader on the market. The free amino acids penetrate into the roots, thereby enhancing the plant's metabolism and photosynthetic activity. They also contribute to the development of the roots and improve the absorption and transport of nutrients from the root.  

Terra-Sorb® foliar: This product has a high ratio of free amino acids to total amino acids (a high level of hydrolysis). The product is known for its quick acting mechanism, increased photosynthetic activity and chlorophyll content. It helps the plant to recover quickly in stressful conditions and improves the quality of the fruit.

Terra-Sorb® complex: This product has a very high concentration of free amino acids and micronutrients. It acts quickly and is highly compatible in mixtures. The product enhances photosynthetic activity and chlorophyll content, provides a rapid recovery in critical situations, improves the quality of the fruit due to its high Boron (B) content and maintains the balance between biostimulation and contributing nutrients during the most critical moments for the plants. 

-  Terra-Sorb® complex SB: This product has the same composition as Terra-Sorb® complex but does not contain Boron (B). In January 2018 it will be renamed Terra-Sorb® organic upon obtaining the ecological certificate for the EC. 

Bioiberica's Vegetable Physiology Division specializes in the research and development of biomolecules to combat plant stress, contributing agricultural advances adapted to different crops and geographical conditions, collaborating with important research centres and actively participating in domestic and international scientific conferences. 

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