One out of every 5 doses of heparin comes from Bioibérica

Heparin is the most widely used anticoagulant and antithrombotic drug worldwide, and history of Bioibérica is closely linked to this molecule. Since Bioibérica was founded in 1975, we thought that this was an active ingredient indispensable for human health, and that it was important to be able to offer our clients the maximum guarantees of safety, quality, and traceability. We therefore opted for specialization and a deep understanding of the molecule, which has led us to worldwide leadership. Today, one out of every five heparin doses administered worldwide has been developed and manufactured by Bioibérica.

The value of experience

Focused on research, production, and sale of the heparin molecule, the purposes of the Heparin Science division are to reinforce leadership in heparin production, to increase the molecule supply potential, prioritizing safety and traceability, and to explore new applications, as well as new projects and developments.

Anticoagulant and antithrombotic

Heparin is a very complex glycosaminoglycan consisting of an alternating sequence of D-glucosamine bound by a (1-4) link to a hexuronic acid which is extracted from the porcine intestinal mucosa. Its mechanism of action has widely been described: it accelerates inhibition of proteins from the blood coagulation system and, as the result, prevents clot formation.

Your projects, our commitment

Specialisation and deep molecular knowledge defines Bioiberica as the ideal partner for developing any kind of project related to heparin and highly sulphated glycosaminoglicans. Focused on developing key projects and providing tailor made solutions.

Stories full of life

In this section we will tell real stories related to heparin, life, science and industry. Video stories on film to explain what heparin is and what purpose this molecule which has been saving lives for a hundred years serves.

One hundred years of saving lives

It's not every day that we can celebrate that a medicine, still in widespread clinical use and which annually saves more than 100 million lives, turns one hundred years old. This section contains information on the events and initiatives promoted by Bioibérica to celebrate Heparin's centennial.

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