Our leading model

Global supply chain and productive excellence

Our leading model

Global supply chain

Raw materials are selected and controlled in origin at the seven plants of the company in Spain, the United States, Brazil, Italy and Poland. This provides a strong supply chain model, as well as production capacity and flexibility. All these plants have implemented a common quality system and environmentally safe processes.

The final purification process, in which the product is converted into a pharmaceutical ingredient, takes place at our state-of-the-art facility in Barcelona. The result is a premium quality and safe product adapted to client requirements.

Productive excellence

Heparin is a biological molecule extracted from the porcine intestinal mucosa. This is why ensuring the traceability and quality of the entire production is a must. For this reason Bioiberica is present throughout the whole life of the product, from development through production to marketing. Bioiberica processes are especially designed to minimise any possibility of biological risk.

  • Authorised swine farms: The animals come only from authorised farms.
  • Authorised slaughterhouses: It guarantees that the material comes exclusively from animals approved for human consumption.
  • Dedicated transport: The raw material istransported in dedicated units.
  • Control of materials: The material is controlled and analysed to avoid cross contamination.
  • Manufacturing Units: The product is manufactured under strict GMP conditions in a state-of-the-art manufacturing plant (USFDA approved).
  • Final API: Product of highest quality, fully compliant with the most restrictive and up-to-date monographs (EP, USP, JP).




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