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Bioiberica launched “Plant Stress Management” a free mobile app for the management of plant stress

2 Feb 2016
Plant Health
  • This app is available in Spain for IOS and Android and can be personalized depending on the location and type of crop 
  • It offers precise weather reports on a daily basis, as well as for the upcoming week, providing real time alerts for adverse climatic conditions
  • It provides users with personalized treatment recommendations for optimal plant stress management for each season and type of crop
  • Our biotech company has been innovating for more than 20 years, searching for methods to prevent economic losses due to plant stress

Bioiberica’s Plant Physiology Division presented “Plant Stress Management”, a free app for tablets and smartphones for the management of plant stress. This app has been entirely developed by our company, both at the design as well as the programming levels, and allows for highly precise personalization, taking into account the type of crop, season and location. “Our aim is to provide our collaborators and customers with real time advice about how to manage crop stress. This app provides farmers with precise information that allows them to improve fruit quality and yield”, explained Laia Cortel, director of the Plant Physiology Division.

This new app, which is available in Spain for iOS and Android, provides detailed weather reports for the day and for up to a week in advance, as well as real time alerts about frosts, hail, heavy rains, heat waves, etc… “This feature replaces our pioneering SMS-based weather alert service. With this app we would like to make a quantum leap in our relation and communication with producers and agronomist engineers”, added Cortel. In addition to this, the Plant Stress Management app provides farmers with personalized treatment recommendations for the optimal management of plant stress depending on the current season and type of crop.

Another new feature is the use of augmented reality that allows farmers to check the dosages and instructions for the Bioiberica range of products by simply pointing at the product label with their mobile device. The app also calculates the number of traps needed for the prevention of olive and fruit fly pests, depending on the crop variety and desired strategy. “The idea is to not only give our customers access to information about our products, but also to help them achieve maximum efficiency”, explained Cortel.

Bioibérica is a biotech company with more than 20 years of experience in plant stress management, making us one of the leaders in agricultural and plant physiology research. We have developed a specific range of products based on amino acids, characterized peptides and hydrolyzed proteins which favor, in a natural way, plant biostimulation, nutrition and protection.

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